Pre-K - Kinder

1st-4th Grade

5th-12th Grade


First Student

Second Student: $5785
Third Student: $5485
Fourth Student: $5185


First Student

Second Student: $6095
Third Student: $5795
Fourth Student: $5495


First Student

Second Student: $6350
Third Student: $6050
Fourth Student: $5750
(Discounted Rate for Victory Church Tither)


Application Fee per New Student: $50
Non-refundable Deposit: $510 per student

Re-Enrollment Late Fee: $50 will be applied after February 29th if re-enrollment is not paid or have contacted the school.

Why do you have two different tuition rates?

Victory Christian Academy facilities have been made available through Victory Family Church.  VFC families have helped to make these facilities possible through their obedience to God’s Word as it relates to tithing and giving (Malachi 3:10-12).  The Non-VFC Tither Rate also helps to cover our facility expenses.

Who qualifies for the Tither Rate?

The parents or guardians of VCA students who have consistently attended and contributed at least the tithe (10%) of their income to Victory Family Church on a regular basis for at least four consecutive months qualify for the Tither Rate.  Records are verified twice a year in January and July.

Can a grandparent paying for their grandchild’s tuition qualify for the Tither Rate?

Grandparents who consistently attend and tithe at VFC and pay for their grandchild(ren)’s tuition will qualify for the Tither Rate.

Can I make monthly tuition payments?

At VCA we have two payment options. First, Payment can be made in full with a check or cash prior to the start of school. A payment amount and due date will be included with a VCA acceptance letter. A 5% discount will be given to those paying in full and on time. Second, those not paying in full, or using a credit card will be required to enroll in FACTS. FACTS is a tuition management company that will debit your checking account or charge your credit card 11 months out of the year (September – July). The charge for this service is $50. This fee will be charged at the beginning of the school year.