JH Track Regional Champions

CSAF Junior High Regional Track Champions

What a fantastic weekend for our JH track team! Both teams were named CSAF Regional Track Champions! They competed on Saturday, April 1st at Boyd High School. We could not be more proud of all of their hard work! Below is a list of the top 6 individual scores for each event that allowed this victory to happen.
100 M:
5th Jayden Oates
5th Jaylen Donald

200 M:
6th Dillion Anders

800 M:
2nd Mackenzie Brooks 
5th Tillie Hayhurst
4th Kelton Brooks

2nd Reagan Kayser 
4th Tillie Hayhurst

1st Emersyn De Noon

100 M Hurdles:
1st Brooklyn Kennedy
6th Piper McKee

300 M Hurdles:
2nd Emersyn De Noon
3rd Kelton Brooks

4x100 Meter Relay:
Boys 1st:
Dillion Anders 
Jaylen Donald
Luke Wood 
Isaac Rosser

Girls 2nd
Chloe Strauss
Brooklyn Kennedy
Kaylie Neffendorf 
Jayden Oates

4x200 Meter Relay:
Girls: 2nd
Piper McKee
Chloe Strauss
Mackenzie Strauss
Kaylie Neffendorf

4X400 Meter Relay:
Boys: 1st
Kelton Brooks 
Jaylen Donald
Luke Wood 
Isaac Rosser

Girls: 1st
Emersyn De Noon'
Mackenzie Brooks
Jayden Oates
Brooklyn Kennedy

High Jump:
1st Mackenzie Brooks

Long Jump:
1st Jayden Oates

Triple Jump:
1st Jayden Oates
4th Brooklyn Kennedy
1st Isaac Rosser

5th Addison Morales 
Shot Put:
2nd Addison Morales

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